The new calendar

It has just arrived and I think it is quite good. But today i don't want to talk about the calendar.
I have run out of words -in English- to thank all of you who came yesterday to see my blip and give me stars, hearts and words of encouragement.
This is important to me because I was really thinking about leaving blipfoto.
I started here thanks to a dear American friend who is no longer with us, and I kept blipping when she left us because I found that blipfoto was kind of a challenge for me to write a text in English every day.
I am Spanish, as you know, and writing in English is something that was not necessary for me since I retired as a teacher seven years ago. Reading and listening is different: English is everywhere. But writing was always the most difficult part for me !!
But you see, I'm still here, and I think I'll stay here for many blips to come because you are all such good friends and take great photos and write English so well!
Thank you.

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