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Faces Everywhere. Give us a smile!

From marks on fruit to the front of your car, patterns on tree bark to cloud formations, there are smiling faces everywhere around us. Or so it seems!

‘Pareidolia’ is the phenomenon that causes us to perceive these faces in inanimate objects.  

This gave us a great idea for our next fun challenge. 

In a year that has given many of us fewer things to smile about, we know that blippers have been doing their best to keep going, looking for their daily photos — often within the confines of our houses, home offices, kitchens and gardens.

For this challenge, we would love to see the ‘smiling faces’ in your corner of the world, but not your family, friends or pets this time. We’re talking about drain covers, armchairs, fireplaces and clocks, to name but a few.  

What if they're grumpy faces, we hear you ask — add the tag!  They may well make us smile the most!

If you would like to take part in this fun challenge, we’re asking you to tag your entries #giveusasmile.  You may have some in mind from photos you’ve already taken and there won’t be a date restriction on this activity.

As with all our challenges, we’d like to share some of your images and related words on social media so add the tag #OK2share to your entry if you’re happy for us to use them (we won’t share your journal).

We’ll run the challenge throughout December so you have some time to find your smiling faces. 

For inspiration, take a look at some that our blippers have already found.

Richard and Bex

(Blippers: richard & WharfedaleBex) 


Cover image with thanks to blipper:  sharon_mckelvey 

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