Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Scarborough: The crash...

There is nothing more that the children love, than having dinner at my mum and dads and throwing themselves into full battle with their Grandpops!

He needs no encouraging, my dad that is. Every child in our family sees him as the target for a battle. Their young eyes don t look at age. They jump on him, possibly the same as my sisters twin boys did 21 years ago. They too, when around the little ones, have developed the sense of fun with their nieces and nephews.

My dad has always had a good sense of fun. I remember doing a running battle with him as a child too. He was always the first to wrestle you to the ground in a 'half nelson'! My dad is competitive too. He's a fighter, a strong spirit. I guess in the play fighting, he is teaching the children this. He is passing it on.

Meanwhile, they scream, taking turns, working out how to bring him down. He won't be defeated. A crash of fun on the floor! x

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