4 varieties

... as opposed to 57 varieties ;-).

Baked first thing in the morning before heading out with some friends to the Flower Market in Prince Edward.

It was another world out there, full of festive spirit and Christmas feel. There were lots of colours of poinsettias to choose from but being the purist I am, came away with the traditional red!

Martin called while I was there and said he wanted to check out a shop nearby where I was, so we met up and had a look see in MOKO Mall, Prince Edward. And for the first time ever, I tried a festive coffee concoction at Starbucks. I’m not very adventurous with coffee flavours, but this was amazing.

Finally home to fantastic pizzas made by Ben! Oh what a treat after a long day.

Extras are pics of some succulents and miniature Venus flytraps(?).

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