Fish & chips

I don't usually Blip my dinner, but this deserves a photo! Since the beginning of the first lockdown, when we were unable to frequent Carlo's, MrM has been trying to perfect his home-made fish & chips, and I reckon he's done it! Fresh haddock from the fish van with MrM's own batter, perfect chips, and mushy peas (supermarket's own brand; not quite as vivid green as they look in the photo!). Delicious!

More work on the downstairs hallway this morning. Our bulk soup making is exceeding the capacity of our small freezer (part of a fridge freezer), and it would be good to have more freezer space for batch-cooked meals too. So, at the weekend we decided to buy another small freezer to go in the aforementioned hallway as there's no space in the kitchen. Ordered it online, though the seller was awaiting a shipment and delivery would probably be after Christmas. Perfect! The hallway is used to store all sorts of junk things, and would need major re-organisation, not to mention a thorough clean, before installing a freezer. But, a couple of days ago a text arrived - 'your freezer is now in stock and will be delivered on Thursday' (today)! A bit of a rush, but the hallway was ready before the freezer arrived this afternoon. Phew!

Apart from that, yesterday's parcels to the post office, and more gifts wrapped and packed ready to go tomorrow. And card writing has commenced in earnest...

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