....early this morning.  It was paradise like and the water was heavenly and not a shark in sight, not in our area anyhow.  On the note of sharks, there was a 5m white pointer spotted and tagged yesterday and today a hammerhead shark sighted north of Perth near Trigg.  While swimming I was making sure the water was clear - not sure if that works.  :))

Anyhow, back to the blip, these girls were out in the surfboat and were returning to shore however, the top shot shows some guy on a board with hydrofoil and moving fairly fast!  How does that happen with no paddle or sail.  Moments later another guy zoomed past at about 60kph.  There must be some sort of inbuilt motor.  What a sight.

The sail ship in the background is STS Leeuwin along with Rottnest Island.

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