Props & Rambles

By aclayton

New Beginnings: Cute 'n Colorful

To say the last few years have been busy is an understatement.

Looking back on my last post it's so so lovely to see how far I've come - I'm now 20 and have my A Levels and a Technical Theatre Apprenticeship - but I've still got a long way to go! 

Covid-19 has been absolute hell and one of the hardest things I think all of us have ever had to endure. Along with everyone else in the industry, all the shows I was meant to be working on were cancelled and I've been unemployed ever since. My mental health has been alllll over the place, so doing this - although I'm awful at blogging/writing - I think will help me in this weird period before I'm *hopefully* back at work again.

There may be rambles, there may be poems or short stories (if I can dig out what I learnt in A Level Creative Writing) but this will most likely just be random things about my day and me just being a tad all over the place. 

Anyways - today I felt cute so I took some pictures of my outfit. You're welcome. 

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