By Ingeborg

Battle of the birds

Around midday there was a lot of bird noise when two groups of birds, magpies and jackdaws, got into an argument over who could rest where (at least that's what I imagine, there is plenty of space for all of them and more than enough trees in the neighbourhood). The noise was enough for a new version of The Birds film. The magpies gathered in our walnut tree and in the weeping birch and the jackdaws were gathering in trees of our neighbours and circling above our garden. I didn't dare going outside to have a clearer view because that would have probably chased them all away. So this is a shot of part of the groups through the glass doors in the living room. They did keep on about it for at least half an hour and it sounded ominous ! But in the end they all just disappeared.

Thanks so much for all the Abstract Thursday entries this past Thursday and what lovely decorative Blips did you make ! This coming Thursday the optional theme is 'stripes' and the tag will be AT286.

Here's the list of last week specials:
gblrps                 a  wavy, curvy baubly pattern
naturelover        an  impressionist Blip of nature's own decorations
H0tamer             kaleidoscopic pattern of a decoration
Miranda1008    a great find of truly natural decorations
ninniex                a Topaz fractal treated bauble

And thank you for the kind comments and stars for our new frog prince bauble !

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