Sankta Lucia

Today is Lucia day! We got up super early to watch the Lucia celebration on TV. It was great, with all the traditional songs sung by a procession of young people dressed in white, carrying candles, Lucia with a wreath with candles on her head. Outdoors this year, which was great because there were reindeer and a horse too! Amazing! We had white rice porridge for breakfast which sort of made up for the fact that mum hadn’t made us saffron bun fika in the morning, but we did have it later. 

I got special treats for this photo session. Mum says she loves to take pictures of her little Lucia. Let me just say this - tinsel is itchy. 

In the evening, our neighbours, a family with four kids, did something amazing. Sing Along Lucia in our front yard! The other neighbours came outside either in the front yard or on their balconies. The family was all dressed up and sang and everyone sang along, including me, which resulted in mum closing the balcony door from the outside. Unfair. 

There was also lots of skiing - and we had pizza for dinner. A great day! 

About Lucia:
This year’s Lucia on TV:

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