over again

I don't believe this gentleman was very keen on appearing in a photograph, despite being a necessary focal point therein; he edged across the pavement and swiftly crossed the road a second or so later. Maybe he'd have preferred to be captured walking along a snow-covered tree-lined road so that his hunching against the cold would be seen as warranted rather than entire unnecessary seeing as it was summery-warm today. I very nearly bought an ice-cream at lunchtime but didn't as I didn't think I'd be able to enjoy it considering what I expected to have to do after lunch today though in the end it wasn't that bad. Scorecard Week finished reasonably successfully and there might even be space for a nice little day off at the end of next week to try and use up my holiday-stack before the end of our daft June-June holiday year.

If I'd have been thinking more quickly I could have nipped out into the middle of the road to catch him in the middle of the road above me, framed against the sky between the buildings at the top of the street (though Leamington Terrace one street eastwards would be better as there isn't a building opposite the upper end). Luckily I was thinking even more quickly than that and checked for cars first and stayed where I was as there were a couple coming up behind me.

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