By Ingleman

Topping Up

My third week volunteering at the Moat Project and enjoying making a difference. Four hours today, decontaminating hundreds of planters and pots, ready for next season's new seeds, and sweeping leaves from public areas where slips can occur.
Today, the weather was intermittently dour and wet, obviously they need the rain to keep the Moat topped up!
I have met more visitors today and had the most profound conversation with M, a full time carer. He has a story to tell, having been pensioned off  from military service due to 'experiences' in the services. He cares for N, a 68 year old man who has been tetraplegic for 50 years. He suffered a complete Sci (spinal cord injury) in a car accident and can only communicate by eye movement. N has full brain function but cannot do anything for himself. M says he is a very brainy guy and has a special affection him. I am moved to tears. I have had some misfortune in recent times, but what I have seen and heard in the last three weeks has put all that trivia very much into  perspective.
Humbled, appalled and inspired by the stories I have heard.
So thankful for the myriad blessings in my life. 
But it's still sodding raining! 

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