By Bom

A Good Hair Day

G and I went for a walk at Felbrigg this morning, it was lovely and sunny but sooooo muddy and slippy in the woods. We walked through a flock of sheep and this one seemed very proud of its luxurious fleece. Then another stood for a couple of minutes watching G take photos, and when she'd finished it walked right over to her and posed for a photo. You can see the before shot in Extras and the fab portrait G took here I've also added a photo of the lake and of some hedgehog lanterns. I posted most of my xmas cards this morning and this afternoon I adjusted one part of the pond which was lower, finished cutting the liner and fleece edges and cut the branches from a shrub I've decided to remove. 

Day 274 / Day 13 of the 3 Tiers v2 (for my record only)
UK deaths up 232 to 64,402 (revised basis), with 20,263 new cases, 16,531 patients in hospital and 1,275 on ventilation. London and parts of both Essex and Hertfordshire will move into Tier 3 from 0.01 Wed due to sharp rises in virus cases in the last 6 days in the South East. A new variant of the virus has been found predominately in the South of England which may  be the reason for the rapid spread which in some areas is doubling in 7 days or slightly under. There is also concern about rates in the over 60s and the numbers in hospital. So from Wed 34m in England will be in Tier 3 (62%). Per the CMO the new variant is being analysed at Porton Down but there is currently no evidence that it's more dangerous, it is visible to tests, and it would be surprising  if it impacted vaccine effectiveness.  It's thought to be similar to the mutation found in other countries in the last few months. It was identified in Kent last week during routine surveillance by PHE, over 1,000 cases have been identified and the WHO has been notified. Whilst not good news, I think it's really positive that this surge was picked up in only 6 days and action taken so quickly. The first case of coronavirus in wild milk has been reported in the US. A couple in Somerset have had to switch off their extensive xmas lights that raise money for charity after a complaint was made to Police about a lack of social distancing, plus people were visiting from Tier 3. 

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