Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Mince pie with star and halo

At our staff Christmas lunch at the Broomhouse Centre. Excellent value for money, unlike most other places at this time of year, and for a good cause too.

Earlier in the day we had been overcoming obstacles - both phone lines were working again, but two out of the six phones weren’t. However, by great powers of deduction, a bit of luck and some Redhallish things-that-don't-make-sense-but-work, all phones were working again by mid-morning. Then the handle to the main door of the portakabin came off - but at least we now have two doors, so didn't have to come and go by the window. My colleague A got it fixed and working better than before by lunchtime. I only found out this afternoon that he's now off for a month - I wonder what will go wrong tomorrow...

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