By MikeWest


Today was supposed to be our first big winter snowfall. In the end, only a light dusting alighted the terrain and that soon diminished with the rain. By afternoon I could venture out without getting wet, but wind, whipping up white horses on the lake, made it very cold.

I tried to capture some movement in the water and struggled to get the timing right. I stopped using my cable release a while ago because I was fed up with it dangling from the camera and the door was open which made me uncomfortable when in the rain. Instead, I have been using the two second timer, hence the difficulty freezing the wave action.

Also I had increased the iso to shorten the shutter enough to get some motion, but not too much. In doing so, I inadvertently moved the dial below to a setting that only produced a .jpg file. As this was the best of the sequence, I edited it and was encouraged by how much I could do. And there was no visible noise, which surprised me given how high I had set the iso.

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