By KatesGardenPDX

My Birthday

My mom always made a big deal about my birthday because it's so close to Christmas. I always had a party and we decorated the Christmas tree. And I always wanted either her famous cheesecake or a blueberry pie made with my grandmother's blueberries and she always made one or the other for me.

My dad's is the 22nd and my sister's the 31st so we have a lot to celebrate in the month of December. 

I really do enjoy my birthday - not so much because of presents, but because it's a great time to connect with so many friends and families. Today was no exception! I talked with all of my siblings (both adopted and birth...another story for another time) and my birthmother, and visited my parents because today is Wednesday when I always visit them. And I played six games of Backgammon with my mom today, and we tied! 

I really wanted to take a photo with my mom today to celebrate my birthday. It's not a big one, although I'm old enough to be almost retired, but it's not a decade or even a half decade birthday (notice that I'm hedging!) But I feel like my 92 year old mom may not have too many more birthday celebrations left. So I set up my iPhone and took several shots. I finally got her to smile! 

Happy Birthday to me!! 

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