Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Christmas Jumper Day!

Christmas dinner and jumper day, except we didn't have a jumper only a Christmas Star Wars t-shirt, so he kind of panicked and he went in my Christmas cracker long sleeved top with the t-shirt underneath!

We are going into T3 on Saturday. Initially I thought this would make no difference to us as we aren't going out much and are not going to restaurants, however it seems I was wrong. I had planned to go to NT Wimpole Hall to walk in the parkland in Christmas Eve, but it is T2 so we can't do that now. A small thing, but I had planned a number of visits. We also now can't go to North Norfolk for the day as planned and yet again the planned overnight stay with the boychild will have to go on hold. Need to put my thinking hat on now for something to do on Christmas Eve as our family tradition of ice skating is a no go too. Sigh!

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