By suehutton

Ponies in East Leake

Gorgeous weather this morning.

We decided to go in search of a starling murmuration that had been reported along the Costock Road, just outside East Leake this afternoon which meant that we didn't leave home until almost 3 pm.

As happened last time I went to East Leake in search of starlings, they didn't appear, although two people we  bumped into in Meadow Park assured us that they do fly. Just not today. We need to find the roosting site.

At least we all had a walk.

Saw all these lovely ponies tucking into hay on a smallholding on the way to Costock.

We found a recipe for quail egg pizza on the lid of the egg box. I gave it a try. The eggshells are beautifully coloured and pale blue inside but the texture is slightly leather.

Another time, I MUST give the dough some time to cook before adding the ingredients on top. Very filling.

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