A moment in time

By Skyegirl

Much to my surprise and delight, I received a postal delivery of these beautiful blooms from a forever friend.  They are a lovely addition to our living room at present and are opening out nicely.

Had very tragic news this morning of the death of a friend and his wife, both on the same day.  Iain and Mairi were very keen country dancers for years, and in fact Iain was responsible for the organisation of the dance group at Netherlea, and each summer ran an 'Ice Cream' dance for charity.  They also danced with us in EK and we had many a good time with them.  

Mairi had been frail for a couple of years, and was in hospital for some time recently.  Iain was very depressed when we spoke to him two weeks ago but was at home after a spell in hospital too.  Because of Covid they were not able to see each other.  Iain was released from hospital but was discovered by his son at home where he had died alone.  Mairi died the same day.  Such a tragedy and so sad that due to all the restrictions we cannot give them the respectful service that they so deserve.  

This pandemic is so awful, and I do hope that the vaccines on line are soon available for everyone.

Stay safe.

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