By mambo

Starry Night

Before l pull down the blinds in my bubble home it’s a quick photograph, infact my only photograph today.
Sending best wishes to all those in Tier 4 who have had their plans disrupted.
Expect we will all be in total lockdown again in the new year.
We all need to stay safe.

A lot of people commented on the dresses the girls had on in my extra yesterday.
So in another extra you can see them in full.
I just cut off the bottom off the sack,
Made two slits in the sides for their arms and drew up the string at the top of the sack.
They wore stripy long socks which were also £1 and the hats were the same price, well they would be at the pound shop.
No sewing and each outfit was only £3 each.
They all got extra wear in later years.

Finally, very pleased Bill won last night, not the best dancer but a very good dancer who gave his all and full entertainment.
What on earth will we watch now to give us such pleasure?

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