By tondrijfhamer


A day doing nothing. I got up late, and had a long coffee.
I then found myself cleaning our oven and our stainless steel extractor.
Thoroughly that is.
Wow! The end result was amazing. Both are as new and ready for 2021.

In the afternoon Annemarie and I watched an episode of the Netflix series "Sthlm requiem". After I'd dropped Bas off at a class mate. He's having a Christmas party with part of his class, all divided in small groups of three, and all online connected in Teams or Zoom or whatever they use. He took our airfryer with him and all kind of snacks as well.
Should be fun.

Daan is at Joke's place all day, baking 'kniepertjes' for the whole family.

After a quick dinner Annemarie and I went to the supermarket. Since only one person is allowed in nowadays, we split our shopping list and took both a separate shopping cart.We choose to go around 18.00 hoping that it wouldn't be crowded and that worked out just fine.

In the extra section, my favorite Christmas goody. I took 3 pouches. One of the advantages of having your own shopping cart.... I already can hear Annemarie grumble when she finds out. Haha.

So, all and all a nice quiet day at home.
I must confess I'm hoping to do some photography soon. But the weather forecasts aren't really promising. Rain, rain and rain.

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