Brakeline Brackets

Monday-night wrenching-night took place on.... Monday. With the whole lockdown, we can’t be with more than two people in the workshop at the club, so you have to enroll to get wrenching. Good were the days when you could just go as you please regardless of how many members were at the club...

Nevertheless, another small bit of progress was made as the front brakelines are again held in place. Originally the fairing supported these lines in rubbers, but with the fairing gone, another solution had to be found. On original non fairing bikes, there is a bracket that mounts to the frame, but it’s big and ugly and the flow of the lines disturbs the simpler look I want. I also had to take into account that the fork is shortened by almost four inches, which influences the routing of the lines. So I made two small individual brackets with a nice 3 dimensional shape and welded them to the front top horizontal support bar in the frame.
Pretty happy with the result.

And my dad is improving almost by the hour!

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