David J. Rose

By djrose007

Frozen, Sleepy girls and Hummus

So many photos to choose from so here's the best 3.
Bottom left - Julia said to me, early this morning, "Come and look at this". We went into the girls bedroom, where we have a double bunk but removed the ladders in case Isabella and Harriet were inclined to try climbing up to the top bunk. Both of them were still fast asleep, they'd had a long day yesterday, and a late night.
Bottom Right - Daniel and his gang came around to see Julia and the girls, and us too I expect. The girls were having hummus and pitta bread so Buddy decided to join in. He's a little bit more messy than the girls but he is younger! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Top - Isabella and Harriet in their 'Frozen' Elsa and Anna dresses that Marlane bought for them, not for Christmas but just because they LOVE Frozen.
They watched it yet again today. Julia and Johanna were the same when they were small, talking early 90's. It was released in 1989 but we didn't return from Saudi until November 1989. They, especially Johanna, were obsessed with 'The Little Mermaid' animated film, must admit it is one of my favourites too. I took them to the cinema 4 or 5 times and then bought the VHS video tape so they could watch it at home instead!

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