By mambo

Rusty the Robin

Went straight to Otley from Skipton this morning.
Car was frozen even though the sun was shining.
Collect two parcel from JL via Waitrose, very quick and orderly service.
Went home , did a few jobs then drove to meet Elaine for a walk.
Realised l had  forgotten her Christmas present and her Birthday present which is in early January.
So we had a walk then drove in our own cars back to mine.
We went to the lovely coffee shop in my village which only opened late September and even though they can only do take away at the moment it has been a roaring success.
Two flat whites and the cake of our choice was coconut, lime and sour cherry, what a winning combination.
Walked to the park and sat on a bench to devour it.
Had a shorter walk around the village, admired the florists and peeked in the new tea rooms that only opened in October after moving from a farm in Asquith. They were obviously closed but it looks as if it will be a good cafe for cyclists returning from the dales day.
Packed the car with all my presents and some clothes to wear over Christmas and drove back before dusk.
While at home l put my new rusty Robin in the conservatory, when l move back home in January l am going to fix it somewhere in the garden where l can see it everyday.

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