Again and Again

By Ripitup


Lately I have little difficulty in choosing my blip.  Some days there is no choice as I hastily snap something to include but it has been some time since I have left home with my camera with no other purpose than to enjoy photography.

Today my 'workplace' closed at 12.30, as is usual on Christmas Eve. Usually there is someone waiting to lock the building which ensures that I get away promptly.  Working remotely meant that the pressure wasn't there and after a few last minute emergencies, I finished at 2.

I had arranged to walk with my mother and we enjoyed looking at houses decorated for Christmas, nature and a chat as we walked.  The path in my picture is relatively new and one that I had never walked down. There was a notice on the gate asking that it was left open to avoid Covid transmission.

Mother hasn't been well this week but was happier than she looked in my picture, leaving me in two minds whether to use the picture or one of Christmas decorations. Time.spent with family is precious so I added a Christmas elf as an extra.

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