Busy Busy Bee

By Leasil

Delusions of power

I've had an amazing day. Got my chores done and headed out for a massage (that's not the amazing bit).

I went to a preview matinee of The Audience starring Helen Mirren, Robert Hardy and Haydn Gwynne. If you haven't heard of it, it's about Her Maj and her weekly audience with 12 consecutive Prime Ministers over 60 years. Helen Mirren was utterly believable playing the queen aged 27, 86 and all stages in between. She was brilliant. Richard McCabe had me in fits as Harold Wilson.

I found myself in seat number 10. It got me thinking about become HMtheQ's 13th Prime Minister and taking my seat in the real Number 10. I think we should all be grateful that it's unlikely to happen. But just in case, if anyone wants to see my manifesto, you only have to ask ;-)

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