Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob

Merry Christmas, Everyone x

Today was truly lovely. Rich and I were up early to exchange gifts before Sarah picked us up. It was actually rather nice to take in the tail end of the sunrise from the car (I very rarely leave the house at all anymore, let alone early in the morning) and spending the day at her house was so nice. She had treated us to amazing food (crumpets for breakfast, a humungous three course Chrimbo dinner, delicious chocolate orange brownies), we all had lots of gifts to exchange, and we had loads of fun playing games (the Christmas crackers contained mini Cluedo!) It was really nice to do something normal and actually spend time with people, even if we couldn't hug. Honestly, the only thing I wish was different is that we could've properly seen my family as well. Still, next year I'm having 2 birthdays and 2 Christmases, I've decided, so we'll make up for that then!

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