Rain stopped play

Friend turns up alone at 7:00 to say the re-roofing is cancelled due to the weather forecast, but he did bring a trailer load of battens that will be needed. We are putting on different type of tiles but the biggest problem is the old roof was constructed with no counter battens and thus where there were leaks, the water couldn't simply run down the felt. The building (on the left) was largely covered for decades by a large poplar tree that we cut down a few years ago. The tree had always dropped branches, leaves 6 very damagingly dripped water on cold sunny winter days, the drops freezing as soon as they hit the clay tiles.

However, we did do a bit of preparation. On one side there was a rather silly cut out in the roofline of about 2 m x 1m, and it had been impossible to fit guttering as the downpipe needed to be at the highest point. So using beams I had, very quickly knocked-up a 'porch', lined it with planks I had & a covering of roof felt so that it stays dry until the main work can start.

Extras of the porch & the old tiles

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