a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Christmas Kitsch

Do you go for colour co-ordinated decorations, is Christmas minimalism your thing, or do you perhaps like a bit of the old Christmas Kitsch?  Do you have a Christmas Decoration guilty pleasure?

Its been the quietest Boxing Day the two of us can remember.  We've catered for just the two of us, I think for the first time ever.  But small as the table was, the quality and quantity of our little feast was spot on.  I'm not sure that I can manage to eat anything else today, although I suspect that the fridge might beckon in a few hours time.

It has been horribly wet here, definitely a day for hunkering down indoors.  Tomorrow is forecast to be much worse, although the forecast strong winds are not quite yet with us. Monday's forecast looks interesting though, as they are suggesting that we might get some light snow showers in the morning.  It sounds most unlikely to me, but I live in hope ...

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