By karenmace25

Birthday Boy..

Bunny celebrated his unofficial birthday over Christmas, as he was a rescue from a neighbour, I never did get his real birthday!  But he turned 13 this year so the teenage years have begun!! Although, to be fair, 13 in bunny years is very, very  ancient so he should really be past the tantrums and stroppy teenage behaviour - but he's not!! I think he's been a teenager his whole life!!

A quiet day in our household so I've been trying to balance the productivity levels with lounging - so far so good! Had a good sort out of the drawers by my bed, caught up with some paperwork, refilled the bird feeders and now enjoying sport on tv and reading a book!

Weather is much calmer now too after last nights encounter with Storm Bella! No real damage in the garden other than some wonky garden arches and a couple of shrubs  a little more horizontal than vertical! Ooh and a very soggy lawn!!

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