Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Things done today

Woke up, didn't miss the daylight such as it was, made coffee, drank it, read blip etc.
Listened to howling wind, and rain lashing down. 
8 degrees. This is a joke of a winter.
Went for a walk as the rain had stopped.
Briefly, as it turned out, but our walk was dry and much longer than of late.
And squelchy but wonderful to be out, to see the natural world, to touch base.
Took the blip of the day.
Water levels very high everywhere.
Spirits high too, so good to be out, moving and breathing fresh air.
Walked back towards home through our neighbour's well tended forest and even better tended pathway.
Ate a snappy breakfast so we could get into town before the night was upon us.
As we drove off, noticed the GPS display had turned itself onto the night setting as the light was so low.
It was 1 o'clock. Low light, I believe it's called.
Left mince pies and brandy rum butter at Ruth's, stood in the doorway to hand over.
Went to do the same at Rose's house, were ushered in and had a cup of tea with her as well as a mince pie.
Went to the big shop in town , saw the car park was busy, drove away to our little shop instead.
Numbers of positive covid cases have dropped for the first time in about a month, so it's getting better, but levels are still pretty high.
Called on our Irish friends with a Christmas gift bag of home made preserves and some mince pies, minus rumbutter as they don't drink. 
Pleased to see both looking and sounding quite chipper, but obviously it's a strain having a person in a wheelchair who cannot stand unaided.
Colette asked for books or magazines to read, so I will go back with a heap or two.
We have one or two books.
Went to the shop and bought the three things on the list.
Came out of the shop with a big bag full of food and two bottles of Schweppe's tonic water - no idea how that happened.
Came home via our own post box, which held a precious parcel from the UK, and a "free card" for doctor's visits (since I have paid out so much this year, £25 a visit, and reached the limit, it now costs me nothing till May next year).
I've only ever had one of those before, the year I got allergic asthma and pneumonia and needed a lot of help. 
It's a sure sign of great health if you never reach the ceiling!
Opened the parcel, and fell in love at once with the Japanese hole punch!
Here it is! My Christmas present to myself, and my bookbinding.
Drank an unexpected, very welcome G&T.
Made the tea we were thinking of having for breakfast before we had the idea of "major mince pie mercy mission".
Bacon, egg, sausage, onion, potato cakes, cauliflower and HP sauce.
I eat meat now and then, on very special occasions involving bacon, which as we "vegetarians" all know, is a vegetable.
Am planning to watch the three final episodes of the tosh that is Bridgerton, alone as it is well beneath the dignity of my loved one.
I have very little dignity it seems, and will simply enjoy the frocks, the colours, the silliness.
And yet be irritated by the overuse of "period" language - Regency England, "leading strings" was said three times in two episodes back to back, there have to be other phrases!
We called them reins when I was a child.
So that was today, nearly 11,000 steps and the first day with no earache at all for about 3 weeks! 

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