By soozaday

Drawing to a Close

I keep asking: Is it tomorrow? meaning NYE, a holiday I’ve never been into. Well maybe when I was much much younger, like in high school, where it might have been hip to throw up on the host’s lawn. Even when I was in my teens I wasn’t good at staying up til midnight. And I didn’t really see the point of making a lot of noise. In spite of living in New York for several years, I never made it to Times Square. So the reason for my relentless questions is merely to keep track of when this year will be officially over. And to make sure we get to the grocery store before the crowds.

The birds were digging through the muck on the corrugated roof of the carport, which is right outside the dining room window. All but one flew away when I raised up the camera, but this guy held his own for quite a while, giving me a chance to try a couple different settings. If he’d stayed longer I might have been able to figure out how to deal with the backlighting more successfully.

So, 2020, it’s been nice knowin’ ya. Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?, as my father used to say.

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