By Linda59

One consecutive year

Well who would have thought that when I decided on the 31st December 2019 to aim for a full year of blips that it would be so eventful! I had been introduced to blip in 2015 by my dad, CannyScot, but had only blipped sporadically although it always consumed a lot of my time keeping up with my favourite journals. Then I decided to make 2020 a full year and what a year it was...
It started well with my son's wedding in Northern Ireland at the end of February. We now know how lucky they were with the timing. Then it all started to go downhill.
We all know how things played out but safe to say I never expected to be furloughed over the summer and to spend so much time walking and in my garden, two activities that definitely kept me sane. They have now been replaced by jigsaws! Something I would never thought would happen.
I have found blipping every day easier than I expected, the only days I nearly forget are when I'm working. It's safe to say I'm well and truly addicted and love this community with it's 'Be Excellent' motto so I'm certainly continuing with a daily blip.
Happy New Year to all my blip friends, may it be a peaceful and happy one.

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