By Ridgeback13


Busy day - doing all the usual (daytime) hogmanay activities; cleaning, emptying bins, taking down the Christmas decorations, making beds, laundry (can't help it, it was drummed into me by my Scottish mother that you can't go into the new year without a huge sort out!).
Nipped out to collect a new hairdryer at the click and collect facility near M&S so popped in there too for some food and some new socks and things, but when I arrived home there was another of those pesky 'we tried to deliver a parcel but you were out' notes. This time I checked it was actually to be collected, so after some lunch I headed to Portobello to get it only to find it hadn't arrived back yet, but they'll now be closed til the 4th. Sigh!
Decided not to waste the journey and to finish the year with more steps, so went for a pretty brisk walk right along the beach from one end to the other and back. This morning's snow showers had turned to light rain but it was still good to be out.
Home and called Mt for a chat. He'd had a delivery of a face mask with T's face on it addressed to AR. Couldn't help laughing when I saw it! Not sure how it happened - I'd ordered it but it was supposed to be just his nose and mouth and was supposed to be delivered here....bonkers! Sums up the year a bit!
Made a steak pie and settled down for TV and a couple of facetime calls with K and with A&N, texts around friends and family - T's first time at home on a New Year's Eve after years of working in the club so he and Kt were cracking open the fizz (extra), and finally watched the 3 films on the Hogmanay website in lieu of the fireworks (impressive drones and always love Jackie Kay poems) before heading to bed. It's 11pm and we're now out of the EU...no words to describe how I feel really, but interesting that this was not only my most liked blip of the year, but of all my 7 years on blip...

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