A concrete love affair

By PhotoIain

I am European

As the UK completes the transition period, and in the process leaves the Single Market and Customs Union, I know there are many in this country who will be celebrating. The arguments are well rehearsed, but suffice to say I am absolutely certain that in time the UK’s departure from the EU will irrefutably prove to be a fundamental mistake.

Today, however, I just feel tremendously sad at what we’re all losing. Each and every UK citizen has overnight lost the automatic right to work, study, live and retire in 27 beautiful countries on our doorstep. Not only have these rights been removed from those of us whose lives have already been enriched by it, but the saddest thing of all this is that these stunning privileges are being taken away from our children and young people before they even have the chance to grasp the opportunities.

My life has genuinely been enriched by our EU Membership, freedom of movement is something we should all treasure and I treasure the friendships made because of it. I am so glad that there can be no borders between us and the friends we’ve made from all over the EU. 

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