By Biscuit

Stay Away!

Today's blip is of another blue tit dominating the feeder and telling other birds to let it eat the food by himself in peace. 

In other news I'm ready to welcome in the New year and hoping it's better than 2020. However, saying that 2020 has had it's pro's as well. 

For starters the first lockdown allowed me to expand and improve my photography skills (photography wasn't the only skill I improved on) - as well as joining blip which has also helped me massively improve so Thank you. 

2020 has also showed me how much we take tings for granted such as being able to freely go out he house as many times as you want and for as many reasons as you want, as well as having the choice to go and visit relatives whenever you like with no restrictions. 

But most importantly 2020 has allowed me to appreciate my family more and allowed me to spend more quality family time with them.

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