I left it later to go out for a walk. Along thru the trees to Davidson's Mains Park then walk back thru between the golf courses.

Trying to get used to YakTrax working quite well on the icy snowy pavements & paths fine for walking, only had to stop once to adjust one foot. Would be good to go shopping if it wasn't that can't wear indoors & shops don't have a seat at the door to remove / put on ice grips. Only once on the bus, never again! A bit of a fiddle to get on / off think better if only going for a walk.

The park was aloud with snow fun of kids sledging.

It is a challenge to find different routes that are no too busy, but today was fine.

Finished other half of steak pie, think I'm well full of Xmas & New Year treats.

Blip looking back along path just at a junction, low sun coming thru the trees catching the icy snow.

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