By mambo


Started snowing quite heavily in Skipton so l decided to set off home a couple of hours early than l planned.
Driving snow for the first half of the journey but much wetter stuff as l came into the Wharfe Valley.
Called in at Booths for a few provisions on the way.
Honestly can’t tell you what l’ve done since l’ve been home but it’s after 9pm and l hadn’t thought about a blip so it’s the only decoration l’ve put up this year, apart from a wreath.
I’m putting these lights in the conservatory next so even these are not really a Christmas decoration.
Interesting to read that so many other blippers have taken their decorations down already.
When l was little it was always on 12th Night, not before and not after, my mother was superstitious and thought it was bad luck to do it at any other time.
I would say l am ambivalent on such matters but will follow in her footsteps.

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