Deans Bush

This morning I went for a walk in Deans Bush with my son, daughter, niece and grandniece. As usual it was lovely and peaceful in the ancient remnant of forest in the city. We saw fantails, and kereru, the large native pigeon, and we heard bellbirds. There are kiwi living in the bush, which is enclosed in a predator-proof fence to protect them. However, they are nocturnal so we didn’t see them. We did see this pretty fungus, though I had to use the flash in the gloom of the forest floor, and that flattened the subtle texture.

Outside the bush were paradise shelducks. Compared to the colourful female the male appears dark and drab, but I discovered he is just hiding his colours. They are underneath his dark plumage. See extra shot.

We also had a FaceTime chat with my granddaughter, who is in lockdown in London. It was lovely to see her. She tells us that she goes out for walks, but has all her supplies delivered. She works from home.

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