Eric and messy Jonty

We had a short visit today from Eric and Ruby and I managed to snap one of Eric in a happy mood. There were others with big smiles but I just like the one with the either clasping or clapping hands. The other one is of him in a more reflective mood (Pun totally intended!).
Most of yesterday and today has been taken up with taking down Christmas decorations. Almost finished today with just a few odds and ends to complete the clear up tomorrow. Putting the boxes up into the smaller attic (above one of the garages) I notice that almost half of the attic is taken up with boxes of Christmas decoration stuff and 3 (yes, three) trees. It's all so we can change the theme year to year!
The Sitting Room was the first one to be finished and back to normal, even removed the bottom covers off the settee seats and washed them last night. Jonty really seems to have appreciated it as he was also back to normal, knocking the cushions to the floor, or flat on the settee so he could make himself a little cushioned nest! 
Thanks Jonty, you can wash the covers next time!

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