By EgyptUnveiled


I hadn't been to see Robbie, my most beautiful, Patas Monkey in over a week. She pulls at my heart strings, always I think of her and how I can improve her life.

Arriving unannounced (Later than my usual visits) at 1.30pm. I was greeted with a situation that initially shocked me, it then turned to horror, anger, sadness and then tears.

I would guess, looking at the prison, she lives in, that she had not been cleaned out in a few days. Her tiny, insecure and unsafe enclosure, was filthy. Crisp packets, wood, sticks, cigarette butts, dried bread, plastic bags, stones, wire and of course uneaten tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber (10 months of eating the same thing, I think I would rather go hungry. I have asked each visit for a varied diet)
Her water was filthy in a blue plastic washing up bowl, that never gets 'Cleaned' simply, refilled as and when.

I gave her and the 2 Vervet monkeys in another cage, fresh dates and lib (Pumpkin seeds) which they ate so quickly.

Now, I am at a loss as to what to tell you next.....

The 2 Vervet monkeys escaped (Again) the male was very angry and seemed to be more so at me. He stood up on his back legs and charged me, running past me and touching my legs. I was afraid, as he is powerful, has strong teeth and also is very territorial. I actually believe he is jealous of me visiting Robbie, even though I share food equally, though he has never been angry towards me before this day.

Over half an hour was spent by 2 people, trying to get the monkeys back into their cage. Meanwhile, an audience of children had gathered, watching and laughing, no sense of what was really going on. I tried to tell them to leave, but it fell on deaf ears, there seemed no sense of fear, it was all a game to them.

I have decided not to rant on Blip about things I saw here today, I can go on and on....It's just heartbraking.

Myself and others have spent hours chatting on FB tonight. Animal activists, people in Egypt and from around the World. With these minds working together, we hope that we can help (Insha'Allah) and finally sort these ISSUES

This place opened 10 months ago and it has deteriorated 100% since it's opening, which was -150% upon opening.

No one cares......Robbie is running here from noise and hoards of children, she has no where to escape, but it's fun for those that watch.

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