Euclidium Space Continuum

By Mobius

Bed of Red

Dogs explored some new smells in the Education Garden by the Archbishops Palace following their ever common run around in the dog field; nothing of interest near the dogwood. 

Allowed myself to get wound up yesterday getting looped back into trying to get our village playground re-opened, which covid rule-wise has been allowable since July. 

So planned and required relaxation this afternoon, with various regular gentle and more strenuous exercise routines and meditations which I rotate and develope daily. 

My wife thinks my neck looks better today so perhaps the muscle relaxation essential oil lotion that I tried for the first time last night did some good. 

Lavender oil being diffused this afternoon. 

Last night BBC4 Max Richter" Sleep" live performance documentary in the background as a precursor - will re-watch properly another time.

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