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 ...... Monday363  (MM363)  -  with thanks to Picturemull for some thought-provoking challenges for this month - based on some of her past blips - this is the "thought for today".   I have followed the same subject matter but in a different way.

When you are young, older people always tell you that time passes more quickly as you get older - I used to think " How can it?  A day still has 24 hours, an hour still has 60 minutes ..."    
Oh boy, was I wrong - I'm not sure where all my days and weeks and years went but they seemed to pass in a blur and at warp speed.
Memories disappeared down dark tunnels, ambitions lost in the long grass.    People you love and loved gone from your life.

It's definitely not all doom and gloom (except in 2020 - lol) but now the time before me is much, much shorter than the time behind me - however,  still some time to kick up my heels and grow old(er) disgracefully - bring on the vaccine and let me start again soon!!!

Smile for the Day:  (used before but an oldie and goodie - much like myself - and it fits with my image today)

Time flies like an arrow ... but fruit flies like a banana.

Boom boom.


~ Anni ~

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