By amandoAlentejo

Encircled Évora

At the end of this bit of medieval wall is the Porta de Raimundo, which is our usual entry point into the old part of Évora. It was first mentioned in 1373, but has been destroyed and rebuilt a few times since then - as has the whole "new wall", which goes all the way round the town, but is a real hotch-potch of styles and ages and reconstructions, with about seven entry or exit roads (depends what you count as an entry). Within this wall is the "old wall", from Roman and Moorish times, of which only vestiges remain.

Today was the first time we were allowed out of our town since we bought the pellet burner and forgot the pellets, so went back, got them easily, as well as other bits that Mike realised he needed to install it. Also researched new phones, our donated iPhone 5's really are giving up... and other bits. All this outside the walls, driving from one huge shop to another. Began to get hungry around 3pm, and decided to make the effort to go to our usual within the walls, glad we did - there's nothing like eating good homemade food, served by folk you know and can chat to.

- an outing!
- our second s-i-l celebrating his 27th birthday (in the usual lockdown style - just him and Julia with a takeaway)
- the setting sun making an orange path across the Lake as we crossed the bridge

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