Up close and personal!

I spent my morning on the back porch doing a lot of cleaning and sorting things out for the cats.

After all the cleaning was done MiniMe got a new scratch mat and Baron got a new one put in her Coca-Cola crate. The old ratty bird was trashed and I hung up the mouse Baron got for Christmas.

MiniMe sat on the porch railing and observed from afar but Baron was right in the middle of everything. We played with the mouse for a while and after Baron made sure everything was to her satisfaction, she gave me a nose kiss before settling down for a nap.

It was early afternoon when I came back inside and I puttered about but not doing anything specific.

My sister-in-law Pat’s husband, PeeWee, passed away in his sleep this morning about 9:30 am. We are so grateful that he was at home and peaceful and didn’t linger.

It is a difficult time for the immediate family but the pain is eased with the knowledge that families are forever and that they will be reunited once again.

Stay home if you can and take care of yourself and each other xx

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