Fusion Fare

Fish 'n' chips followed by Irish coffee (the latter a ready-to-go Christmas prezzie from our niece). A great way to round off our delicious cod!

A frosty start to a day that turned damp, but with sunny intervals. Little Miss B turned 17 months old today. She "helped" me and her mum dismantle the Christmas tree and put away the lights and baubles. She says 'lights' and 'star' quite clearly now, and every day seems to add another word to her active vocabulary. It was quite touching when she waved goodbye to the (artificial) tree until next time.

Baked a banana loaf while she was asleep in her pram on our return from a short walk around the village. Best time to have the oven on, when she's safely asleep.

Hard to believe it'll be Twelfth Night tomorrow. The past month has gone so quickly.

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