By kphilchris44

Feeling a bit emotional

I couldn't post this when I wanted to because my home Internet is so appallingly bad, I'm at work this evening though and it's better.

I took this yesterday at the park in Chester le Street where I started to talk to a lovely lady and her daughter. The mum was very smiley and took lots of photos of the surroundings and selfies of her and her daughter.

When we got talking she explained her daughter hadn't been able to see her friends for months because she's clinically highly vulnerable, and mum then told me her brother died in October from covid aged 48. Mum is carer for her daughter and her 82 year old dad, who is struggling to cope with the death of his son. I asked mum who is helping her but she couldn't answer that question.

Mum thanked me for listening to her and for my kind words, it just shows you never know what people are dealing with - be kind.

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