Campus from a second floor window of the College, with window reflection of inside, and me trying/failing to prevent them, and then wobbling the camera, for the day's only (film) photo. Oh well.

Raising for Roz fund raising event day at the College, with DP “colleague” having his hair shaved off, and SS having hers dyed pink (bleached first, which caused surprise to some). Took a load of photos... despite a local press photographer deliberately standing really close to the subjects, to block me from taking any. Whilst doing so he was also preventing the large audience, that were sponsoring the event, from seeing what was going on. There was me trying to keep low at the front, and not spoil anyone's view, and that 'person' was blocking everyone. Hmmm...

Nikon F100 : f/8 : 30" : 20mm : ISO 400

Lens: Voigtländer 20mm f/3.5 Color Skopar SL II
Film: Ilford XP2-Super 400 (B&W negative)

[Frame : 12]

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