Cambridge Dave's 2021

By CambridgeDave

Stolen photos but not a stolen election......

I taught American Politics for many years and took students to Washington DC where we were welcomed by busy professional lobbyists and members of Congress who gave their time freely. It's a wonderful place to visit. The truly shocking scenes yesterday remind us that, beneath the facades of servility and normalcy, nothing can be taken for granted and that real democracy must be cherished and nourished.
These two photographs were 'stolen' this morning. They were taken at the American Cemetery in Cambridge where 3812 American servicemen/aircrew who died in WW2 are buried. The cemetery is currently closed but the gate was open so I nipped in and 'stole' a couple of rushed shots.
Just a small token to show my sadness for the events of yesterday and a reminder of the history that ties our nations together.

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