A moment in time

By Skyegirl

A little bit of horticultural fun.....

In September I took seeds from a supermarket lemon and soaked them and put them on paper towelling.  Then wrapped them up in a plastic bag and left them to germinate.  After they had grown some roots I planted them in a small plastic coffee cup, and then eventually in a proper small pot.  

I have had fun watching them grow....... I wonder if I will ever get a lemon tree (only kidding).......

Still very cold today with little sunshine and a bit of light snow, but I think the temperature has risen a bit.

And operation recovery news..... tonight I self inject for the last time..... whoopeee.  Had a call from the hospital to check that all was well with my wound...... and it is!

Emma delivered some milk today as we were getting low......and she and Katie helped with some ideas for Andrew's birthday which is soon...... 

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