Ink Polaroids

By inkpolaroids

Right, so let's try 2021 then...

I've never been much good with keeping New Year's resolutions. With the best intentions, I generally last until the 3rd, maybe 4th of January, before I am back to old habits and cultivating new ones.

One of those intentions was to come back to Blipfoto, something I've promised myself now for a long time (since last January, in fact). I am still more active on Instagram but I've always liked the Blipfoto ethos of a picture per day together with a wee story to document how that day went. You can do that on Insta too but sure, no one will read it. I read somewhere that most engagement on Insta is less than 1,5 seconds, this being the amount of time it takes your brain to send a ' swipe up' signal to your finger.

So, hopefully this intention, Blipfoto, will last a bit longer. It's the 7th today so I've already started late. But I've started, and that's a start. Here's to the rest of the year!

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